Selendra Barefield, B.S., CRCST, CHL, CIS

My Story

I was born in California, but I now call Georgia home. I have one younger sister and two nephews. I'm married to the coolest man ever, and together we are learning how to navigate his new toy (bass boat). I love the outdoors and craft beer. I joined a beer group, and I now brew beer at home. I discovered Sterile Processing/ Central Service by accident. I was unemployed and looking for a job. My Auntie, a retiree from the California Employment Department reached out to her contacts, and they told her about a training program funded by the U.S. Department of Labor (Sterile Processing). I jumped on it. The course was 8 hours a day, five days a week for 30 days. I was not able work and take the course so, my Sister and Mother held me down. I received food stamps during this period because I did not have a source of income. The training program offered a bus pass because I did not have a car. I was living on my sisters sofa in her Livingroom. After the course, we started our 400 hours of externship. I forgot to mention, there were about 18 of us in the program. At the conclusion of the 400 hours, I took my IAHCSMM exam and I passed. I applied to two hospitals and in two days, I had an interview at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, California. It changed my life. I was able to trade in the sofa for a studio apartment, I was able to trade in the bus pass for a old 1990 Toyota Tercel and I traded in the food stamps for a career. I worked at UCLA- Santa Monica for two years before moving to Colorado, where I was promoted to Lead Technician. After a little over two years, I moved to Georgia and started my career as a Traveling Sterile Processing Technician. During my journey, I started to compile study material. Study material for me to share with the world. I created my LLC in 2019 and my podcast, Eye On Sterile Processing, in January 2020. I traveled for over two years as a Technician. I decided to stop working for 18 months to get a degree in Business Leadership. My goals is to influence and to grow as a person and as a Certified Sterile Processing Technician.